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  1. Pets could be subjected to gene editing under a new government act, the RSPCA has warned. The animal charity has said that the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act applies to all vertebrate animals, not only farmed animals, and that it could lead to cats and dogs being gene-edited to include extreme features. The law allows the creation and marketing of "precision-bred" or genome-edited plants and vertebrate animals in England. The government said it would allow farmers to grow crops that are drought- and disease-resistant, reduce the use of fertilisers and pesticides, and help breed animals that are protected from catching harmful diseases. Comment: Except GMO plants have not been shown to have any of these qualities, moreover these mutant crops are linked to numerous diseases in both animals and humans that consume them. These inferior crops also possess the ability to contaminate the heritage crops in neighbouring fields.
  2. Scientists in Australia have unearthed 3.48 billion-year-old rock fragments that may be the earliest evidence of a meteorite crashing into Earth. The fragments, known as spherules, may have formed when the meteor slammed into the ground, spraying melted rock into the air. This melted rock then cooled and hardened into pinhead-size beads that became buried over the eons. Researchers presented this discovery, which has not been peer-reviewed, at the 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Texas last week. In a summary of their results , the scientists concluded that the spherules, which they drilled up from a group of volcanic and sedimentary rocks called the Dresser Formation of the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia, are "the oldest evidence of a potential bolide impact in the geologic record of Earth." (A bolide is a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere while falling to Earth.)
  3. Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has warned firms hiking prices risk driving up the cost-of-living and hurting the "least well off". Mr Bailey also suggested that increasing prices may have a knock-on impact on interest rates. His comments follow a surprise increase in inflation on Wednesday and the central bank's decision to raise interest rates - the 11th rise in a row - from 4% to 4.25%. Comment: It's only a surprise to anyone who believes, against all evidence, that the economic situation is going to improve. Figures the same day showed food and soft drink prices rose by 18% year-on-year last month - the highest rate since August 1977.
  4. Transgender women who have experienced male puberty will not be permitted to compete in female world ranking competitions, the World Athletics announced Thursday. The international council opted to ban the swath of prospective athletes instead of continuing to follow its previous rules that placed parameters on the testosterone levels of transgender female athletes. Previously, transgender women were required to reduce their amount of blood testosterone to a maximum of 2.5 nanomoles for a period of 24 months to qualify for competition. After consulting with various stakeholders — including transgender representatives — World Athletics found there was "little support" for the regulations.
  5. ICYMI| St Louis DA Kim Gardner is in a world of hurt after she lost her appeal for refusing to turn over her communications with operatives of George Soros and others in her prosecution of former Gov Eric Greitens. A court has already found that she committed 62 acts of misconduct and 79 cases of misrepresentation in convicting Greitens of crimes he did not commit. He was later cleared and the extremely popular Greitens is now running for the US Senate from Missouri. Gardner has been a disaster for St Louis. Last year there more murders in St Louis than at any time in the last 50 years. Gardner has refused to prosecute so many murderers that the Missouri legislature had to pass a law limiting the time she had to file murder charges to 90 days. After that, the state Attorney General takes over the case. Gardner refused to prosecute cases of drug dealers and child molesters even when there was enough evidence to make them open and shut cases. Her excuse was that the police are...
  6. Depleted uranium shells promised to Kiev by the UK would "cause irreparable harm" to soldiers and civilians alike, Moscow claimed The potential use of British-supplied depleted uranium shells by Ukraine would have a devastating impact on the country's economy and population, lasting for centuries to come, the Russian Defense Ministry warned on Friday. Speaking at a briefing, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, who is in charge of Russia's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, issued a scathing criticism of the UK's plans to support Kiev with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium. He noted that such munitions have only ever been deployed in combat by NATO countries, most notably during the Iraq War, when the US used at least 300 tons of depleted uranium.
  7. As soon as the sun set Thursday, extreme weather photographer Peter Forister excitedly headed for the hills. Forecasts had suggested that recent storming on the surface of the sun could set off auroras — brilliant dancing streaks of light, also known as the northern lights — in the Lower 48 states. For the first hour or so into his night, his camera picked up pretty but rather demure purple hues in the sky, which appeared just as a white haze to the naked eye. Then, within 30 seconds at around 11 p.m., the sky lit up with vibrant red and yellow streaks visible to the naked eye. Forister sprinted up a hill with his camera and pushed through bushes that scratched and tore up his legs, but "it didn't matter," he said. "It was so exciting." "You just step back and jaw drop and just watch the show for a few minutes," Forister said. "It was really remarkable, like the kind of show that will make you stop and just catch your breath."
  8. A Democratic-led suburb in Colorado is doing its "obligation" to fight climate change — approving a proposed ban on all new gas stations. The city council in Louisville — 20 miles outside Denver — voted Tuesday to set the cap at six filling stations for its 21,000 residents. A seventh would be allowed only if it's part of a large retail center. Any new station would also be required to include at least two charging stations for electric vehicles — and be 1,000 feet away from an existing station. "I don't think any single action this council or community takes is going to fix climate change," council member Maxine Most said during the vote. "But I think it's a really good idea to decarbonize because it sends a signal and it sends a message."
  9. As TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced questioning from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Capitol Hill, leaders from the United States government issued strong demands that TikTok stop spying on American citizens because that's the government's job. "Stay off our turf!" Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said to assembled members of the press. "How can the federal government be expected to effectively spy on all of our citizens if we've got this TikTok app and the Chinese Communist Party getting in our way trying to do the same thing? If anyone is going to be violating the privacy of the American people, it should be us!" Concerns continue to grow that the social media video app is harvesting private data from millions of American users and funneling it to the Chinese government, a charge that the TikTok CEO vehemently denies. "The Honorable and Most Excellent President Xi told me to say we do not collect sensitive data from our users," said Mr. Chew when questioned. "We...
  10. The Biden Administration continues to conceal its responsibility for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines... It's been six weeks since I published a report, based on anonymous sourcing, naming President Joe Biden as the official who ordered the mysterious destruction last September of Nord Stream 2, a new $11-billion pipeline that was scheduled to double the volume of natural gas delivered from Russia to Germany. The story gained traction in Germany and Western Europe, but was subject to a near media blackout in the US. Two weeks ago, after a visit by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Washington, US and German intelligence agencies attempted to add to the blackout by feeding the New York Times and the German weekly Die Zeit false cover stories to counter the report that Biden and US operatives were responsible for the pipelines' destruction. Press aides for the White House and Central Intelligence Agency have consistently denied that America was responsible for exploding the...
  11. President Joe Biden's order that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 was blocked Thursday by a federal appeals court. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected arguments that Biden, as the nation's chief executive, has the same authority as the CEO of a private corporation to require that employees be vaccinated. The ruling from the full appeals court, 16 full-time judges at the time the case was argued, reversed an earlier ruling by a three-judge 5th Circuit panel that had upheld the vaccination requirement. Judge Andrew Oldham, nominated to the court by then-President Donald Trump, wrote the opinion for a 10-member majority. Opponents of the policy said it was an encroachment on federal workers' lives that neither the Constitution nor federal statutes authorize. Biden issued an executive order last September requiring vaccinations for all executive branch agency employees, with exceptions for medical and religious reasons. The requirement kicked...
  12. In his extremely stupid book on How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, Bill Gates proposed expanding the World Health Organisation with a division of pandemic shock troops called the Global Epidemic Response and Mobilisation team, or GERM. He envisioned a crack unit of 3,000 diversely talented technocrats who could be airdropped into a developing outbreak anywhere in the world and handle everything from subverting local human rights to sequencing random genomes. He was also very emphatic that he wanted more pandemic wargames, because they're fun events where he gets to hobnob with his favourite virus wizards and pose as an important philanthropist for the cameras.
  13. Attorney Robert Costello, the former legal adviser to Michael Cohen, spoke to Tucker Carlson on Monday night after he testified to the Manhattan Grand Jury investigating President Donald Trump. Costello told the FOX News audience that he testified for two hours in front of Alvin Bragg's Manhattan Grand Jury. Robert Costello told Tucker Carlson, "I spoke to the jury for two hours... It was clear to me the Manhattan Grand Jury did not want to get to the truth." And it now is being reported that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg was HIDING exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury! According to FOX News legal mind Gregg Jarrett, Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg HID nearly 600 pages of exculpatory evidence to the New York Grand Jury investigating President Trump.
  14. There are still a number of unanswered questions about the incident that downed the MQ9 Predator off the coast of Crimea on Tuesday. Let us start with the facts: The MQ9 drone was conducting an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission in international air space off the coast of Crimea. The MQ9 turned off its Identification, Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder. Russian air defense systems were tracking the drone. Russian jet fighters were scrambled to intercept the drone. The United States and NATO have been flying drones along the Crimea coast for more than a year. The drone was brought down without a shot being fired by the Russian combat jet fighters. So far the United States and Russian military are sticking with the same story — i.e, one of the planes clipped the drone's propeller accidentally, which cause the drone to crash. We are in full blown Kabuki theater. The United States insists this drone was harmless, just minding its own business, when an incompetent...
  15. Banks risk being transformed into mere proxies of the state, with uncertain consequences for efficient capital allocation. Over the span of 10 days, the global financial system was once again shaken. The time frame between the collapse of Californian lender Silicon Valley Bank, America's 16th largest bank, and that of the 167-year-old lender Credit Suisse was approximately just that — 10 days. And as we witness the fallout, so far it appears contained. Stock markets are up, bank stocks seem stabilized and government bonds are in high demand. Officials reassure ad nauseam that the financial system remains strong and stable. But the truth is, even if so, what happened in this period of time has changed the financial system forever — and worryingly, most people haven't even noticed. Governments and central banks would have you believe that in both cases, private sector solutions were found to resolve the failures. No taxpayer funds were used. But that is likely not true. In the United...
  16. The Deep State suffered a loss in court. Back in July 2022, Oath Keepers member Michael Greene was charged despite the fact that he never went into the Capitol and committed no violence on January 6th. The Gateway Pundit previously reported (July 2nd, 2022): Michael Greene was working security for the different Trump events on January 6th. Greene never went inside the Capitol and never engaged in ANY violence. Stewart Rhodes claims the DOJ has indicted Greene because he is a witness for several Oath Keepers. So now the regime is going to intimidate and threaten Michael Greene hoping that he changes his testimony. And the DOJ is lying about Greene's case. Greene never ordered any Oath Keepers into the US Capitol on January 6th. There is no truth to that claim at all.
  17. Significant prehistoric rock art has been discovered in La Febro, in southwestern Catalonia. The team that discovered the art inside Cova de la Vila described it as "exceptional, both for its singularity and excellent state of conservation." In the Cova de la Vila cave in La Febró (Tarragona), in northeastern Spain's region of Catalonia, more than 100 prehistoric engravings have been found, arranged on an eight-meter panel. According to experts, it is a composition related to the worldview of agricultural societies and farmers of the territory. One of the singularities of this mural is that it is made exclusively with the engraving technique, with stone or wood tools. The engravings include shapes that resemble horses, cows, suns, and stars. Julio Serrano, Montserrat Roca, and Francesc Rubinat were the cavers responsible for the discovery; they collaborated with Josep Vallverd, Antonio Rodrguez-Hidalgo, and Diego Lombao, researchers from the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology...
  18. Approval of President Joe Biden has dipped to near the lowest point of his tenure in office, a poll released Thursday reveals. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted the polling and the results chart fluctuations in voter support for Biden over recent months. The president notched an approval rating of 38 percent in the poll, after 45 percent said they approved in February and 41 percent in January. His ratings hit their lowest point of his presidency last July, at 36 percent, as the full weight of rising gasoline, food and other costs began to hit U.S. households. The polling further sets out doubts surrounding the president's handling of the national economy and his ability to project authority as he charts the nation's economic course in an increasingly troubled world marked by inflation and bank failures.
  19. "You won't help us investigate this." Senator Rand Paul grilled Secretary of State Antony Blinken Wednesday, accusing the State Department of engaging in a lack of transparency when it comes to providing documents related to the ongoing probe of the origins of COVID. Paul asked Blinken why documents related to funding of coronavirus research have not been provided to him despite repeated requests.
  20. Event Disruptions due to flooding are ongoing across parts of Cordoba Province as of March 23. Heavy rainfall late March 21-early March 22 triggered flooding in western and southern parts of the province. Dozens of homes have been damaged in Calamuchita and Rio Cuarto departments, leading to the evacuation of several families. Affected areas include Alpa Corral, Canada de Sauce, Villa de Merlo, and Villa Quillinzo. Many roads and bridges in the affected areas have been made impassable due to floodwaters.
  21. The Proud Boys sedition trial was suspended for a second time on Wednesday after the feds admitted in court that a witness intimately involved in the Proud Boys' defense team was secretly an FBI informant.
  22. The individual is pushing gender change surgeries for children in Minnesota. USA Today has picked a trans-identified male as it's 'woman of the year' for a second time running, and this time it's someone who advocates for child sex changes. The media outlet has chosen Leigh Finke as its 'woman of the year' for Minnesota. Finke was the first transgender legislator to be appointed to the Minnesota House of Representatives in November.
  23. On Thursday, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution and Limited Government held a hearing, "Free Speech: The Biden Administration's Chilling of Parents' Fundamental Rights." The accusation against the Biden Administration was not fabricated. As witnesses described in the hearing, on October 4, 2021, at the behest of the National School Boards Association, Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI via a letter to meet with local and national law enforcement leaders to "discuss strategies" to handle the "increase in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members." The DOJ directed the FBI to use the same tools they use to fight domestic extremism to combat angry parents who took their complaints over forced masking, poor educational practices, critical race and gender theory to school boards.
  24. The rate of myocarditis spiked 130% in the U.S. military in 2021, newly disclosed data show. The Epoch Times has the story. Diagnoses of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, jumped 130.5% in 2021 when compared to the average from the years 2016 to 2020, according to data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED). The data were downloaded by a whistleblower and presented to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.). Myocarditis is a serious condition that can lead to death.
  25. In a message to students, faculty, and staff, West Texas A&M University President Walter Wendler said that drag performances denigrate women and declared that the school will not host a drag performance on campus. In an Instagram post earlier this month, the WTAMU "Spectrum" student organization advertised the drag event, noting, "Spectrum is working with F1RSTGEN and other orgs on campus to produce A Fool's Drag Race, coming soon!"
  26. Heavy flooding in Port St Johns this afternoon has brought the town to a standstill. It started raining heavily around 14:00 today, 23 March and the rain is still pouring down. According to Public Relations Officer for Sajonisi Woods Forum, Andile Mzungule, who is situated in Port St Johns, the heavy floods have brought the entire town to a standstill. "Community members are not able to leave their current locations. We are just standing here. We do not know what to do because there is water all over the town," he said.
  27. In Kings County, floodwater is now covering a large area of agricultural land in the Tulare Lake Basin. The water levels are something we haven't seen in nearly four decades. The winter of 1982-83 was the last time we saw water going into the Tulare Lake basin. That's because that water is diverted to the San Joaquin River. However, an increased flow in all waterways leading to the basin has caused Tulare Lake to begin to reemerge.
  28. Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort, CA, just became the latest ski area to join the 700 Club after receiving another 30″ of fresh snow in the last 72 hours. Five resorts have now exceeded 700″; three in California and two in Utah. "WELCOME TO THE 7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ INCH CLUB! After another 30 inches in the last 72 hours, we crossed that milestone. 700 inches (just over 58 feet) equals about 175 pairs of ski goggles, keep an eye on the forecast to see how many more we can add!" - Dodge Ridge social post
  29. We received 8 reports about a fireball seen over MN, ND and SD on Thursday, March 23rd 2023 around 08:11 UT. For this event, we received 5 videos.
  30. The recently-published IPCC synthesis report is a useful summary of the last five years of supra-national climate activism and hysteria undertaken under the control of the United Nations. The big takeaway from the 36-page summary for policymakers of the sixth assessment reports is that a large group of activists and state-funded scientists have signed up to the improbable notion that the climate should be stable, and any variation can somehow be controlled by humans. To support this suggestion, almost all the evidence provided is opinion, somehow given credence by being produced by computer models. Actual scientific facts are very thin on the ground. In addition, a stonking level of economic naïvety is on display. At one point, the environmental footprint of battery production and "growing concerns" about critical minerals is noted, but with what is described as medium confidence, "this can be addressed by material and supply diversification strategies and material efficiency...
  31. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) must not act as a "political referee," according to its president, Thomas Bach. The organization has faced a backlash for its plans to reinstate Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competition ahead of the Paris Games in 2024. Speaking at the Ruhr Political Festival in Essen, Germany on Wednesday, Bach said that the IOC must stay out of political disputes to preserve its power as a unifying force on the international stage. "If politics decides who can take part in a competition, then sport and athletes become tools of politics," Bach stated. "It is then impossible for sport to transfer its uniting power."
  32. The euro area won't be able to recover massive terms-of-trade losses incurred by rising energy prices, European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde explained, during a conference at Frankfurt's Goethe University on Wednesday. According to the head of the bloc's regulator, the cost of those losses must ultimately be shared between firms and workers. "And it is important that there is fair burden-sharing between them, with both accepting that they cannot fully recover the income that the euro area has paid to the rest of the world and the ensuing loss of output," Lagarde explained.
  33. Hungary would not arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin if he entered the country, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff said on Thursday, adding that it would have no legal grounds. Hungary signed and ratified the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court (ICC), which issued an arrest warrant on Friday accusing Putin of the war crime of illegally deporting hundreds of children from Ukraine. It said there were reasonable grounds to believe that Putin bears individual criminal responsibility. When asked if Putin would be arrested if he came to Hungary, Orban's chief of staff, Gergely Gulyas, told a briefing that the Rome Statute had not been built into the Hungarian legal system.
  34. Russia and China don't fit into the international system built under Western auspices after the Cold War. They are therefore in favor of replacing it. And it is easier to change it together. "We hope the world will become a better place, and we have reason to believe it will. At the same time, we are well aware that the future is bright, but the road there is winding." This statement by Xi Jinping, which echoes a similar argument made by Mao Zedong in the 1940s, is exactly ten years old. The recently elected President of China was paying his first official visit to Moscow, during which he gave a lecture at MGIMO University.
  35. Emmanuel Macron felt the full force of French anger on Thursday as protesters gathered across the country to demonstrate their opposition to the pension age being raised from 62 to 64. Comment: As with the Yellow Vest protests which erupted following a fuel tax hike, it seems these protests are about plummeting living standards, but the pension reform was the spark. Unions claimed 3.5 million people turned out across the country, while the authorities suggested the figure was much lower, at just under 1.1 million. Comment: The authorities regularly downplay figures, despite all evidence to the contrary. In Paris, union leaders claimed that a record 800,000 people took part in a mostly peaceful march through the city - the police gave the figure as 119,000 - to demand that the government drop the fiercely contested change.
  36. Scottish Baroness Annabel Goldie, a conservative deputy minister of defense in the government of the United Kingdom, has confirmed that the U.K. will be sending depleted uranium shells to the Ukrainian military for use against Russian forces. In response to a parliamentary crossbench question from Lord Hylton on March 20, Goldie stated: "Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armor-piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium. Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles." Depleted uranium is highly toxic to humans, leading to cancers, birth defects and other horrific outcomes. According to the journal Scientific American: "Used as ammunition, it penetrates the thick steel encasing enemy tanks; used as armor, it protects troops against attack. And when it was used in the Gulf War and later during the Allied bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo, depleted uranium...
  37. There's absolutely no doubt that our financial system is in flux right now. We're watching a storm approach, and it's about to envelop the entire nation in chaotic conditions. If you think things are crazy now, just hang on to your's about to get a whole lot worse. Remember how we talked about CBDCs a few weeks ago, and lots of people in the comments said never, no way, and heck no? Well, unfortunately, it's being rolled out and soon. Of course, they're not calling it CBDCs. Not yet. It's under another name, and it's not quite a federal digital currency. I'm sure this, too, will be called a conspiracy theory, but the Federal Reserve is launching FedNow, an instant digital payment system. This in itself is not a Central Bank Digital Currency, but it puts into place the framework needed to make the idea a reality. FedNew will be launched in July, according to a press release from the Federal Reserve.
  38. Tropical Cyclone Freddy is a record-breaking storm that has astonished meteorologists with its longevity. As part of its final act, the cyclone unleashed destructive floods and landslides on the southern African countries of Malawi and Mozambique and the island nation of Madagascar off Africa's southeastern coast. After a record-breaking rampage, Freddy has caused 579 deaths in the three countries. Malawi was hit the hardest with at least 476 victims and nearly half a million people displaced. "In the face of crisis and chaos, it is children who are the most vulnerable," said Mohamed Malick Fall, UNICEF's regional director for East and Southern Africa. In Malawi more than 490,000 primary and secondary school-aged children are unable to attend school due to the damage caused by Cyclone Freddy, the nonprofit Save the Children says. The government has closed all schools in the affected southern districts, as classrooms and toilets are unsafe as the result of heavy rains, floods and...
  39. Israel's military has admitted it made a 'mistake' by targeting civilians in an effort to shore up support for its 2021 campaign Israel's army illegally targeted the country's population with a social media psychological operation to convince citizens that its airstrikes were "taking a toll" on Gaza during the 2021 'Guardian of the Walls' military operation, a Haaretz investigation published on Wednesday has revealed. Several days into the 2021 military operation, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson's Unit used dozens of fake Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts to post videos and images of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza using the hashtag #GazaRegrets. The unit even worked with popular Israeli influencers in order to conceal the military origin of the astroturfing campaign.
  40. The visit of the CPC head to Moscow is perceived worldwide as symbolic. It is no coincidence that the leaders of China and Russia preceded this meeting with program articles. Putin described how he sees the relationship with China. Xi Jinping gave his assessment. In general, the positions of the two world leaders coincide: China and Russia are close strategic partners rejecting the hegemony of the modern West and consistently advocate a multipolar world. Both Xi Jinping and Putin give the whole picture of the world in their texts. It is already multipolar, with China, Russia and the collective West as the most established poles. At the same time, both leaders emphasize that neither China nor Russia seek to impose their own model on other peoples, recognizing the right of each civilization to develop according to its own logic, that is, to become a full-fledged pole with a sovereign system of values. The West adheres to the exact opposite attitude, and does not give up its hopes to...
  41. The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March10 caused the most serious crisis of confidence in banks since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, which devastated the global economy and threatened to bring the financial system to its knees. The Californian bank had bet on interest rates, by investing in high quality bonds. The problem was that SVB (SIVB) - Get Free Report bought these bonds and mortgage-backed securities when interest rates were low and did not protect itself in the event that rates rose. The bank simply did not hedge its risk. When the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates from the second half of 2021, the bank's bonds began to lose value. This problem coincided with the fact that SVB's clients -- mostly startups and venture capital firms -- could no longer easily find cash to finance their operations and projects, as was the case during the pandemic, a period during which the federal government had printed money in large quantities.
  42. The UK is showing "recklessness" with its plan to supply armor-piercing depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, Russia's Foreign Ministry says... The British government's plans to send depleted uranium shells to Kiev for use in the conflict with Moscow show that Western claims of caring about peace and the future of Ukraine are lies, the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed. Speaking to Radio Sputnik on Wednesday she insisted that the statement by London is a sign of the "absolute recklessness, irresponsibility and impunity" of the US and Britain when it comes to international affairs. She stressed that munitions containing depleted uranium are not only more powerful and have greater penetrating ability, but they also contaminate the soil with radiation, delivering lasting damage to the environment and affecting many generations of people living in the area. Zakharova said: "Everything that we hear from those countries [the US and UK] about peace, the...
  43. Veteran said his family was kicked off social media platforms after FBI labeled his organization a terror group... The founder of a veteran-led emergency prevention organization accused the FBI Tuesday of falsely labeling him a facilitator of domestic terror, adding that his family has also been targeted over their association with his group. Former U.S. Green Beret servicemember Mike Glover, who founded American Contingency to provide disaster relief and support, told Fox News that he feels betrayed by the country he spent nearly two decades protecting after a whistleblower complaint exposed by the Rep. Jim Jordan, the current chair of the House Judiciary Committee, confirmed that his organization was targeted by the FBI and falsely designated a facilitator of domestic terror.
  44. The Chinese government has condemned the killing of nine Chinese nationals at a mining site in the Central African Republic (CAR), where a civil war is raging, and the president of China, Xi Jinping, called on Monday for the perpetrators to be "severely punished". Gunmen stormed a Chinese-operated gold mining site that had recently been launched in Central African Republic, killing nine Chinese nationals and wounding two others Sunday, authorities said. However, the rebel coalition initially blamed by some for the attack put out a statement later in the day. Without providing evidence, it accused Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group of being behind the violence. The attack early Sunday came just days after gunmen kidnapped three Chinese nationals in the country's west near the border with Cameroon, prompting President Faustin Archange Touadera to plan a trip to China in a bid to reassure investors.
  45. Thirty-five people have been injured after a ship tipped over at an Edinburgh dockyard. A major incident was declared after the research vessel Petrel became dislodged from its holding on a dry dock. NHS Lothian said 23 people had been treated in hospital and 12 people at the scene of the incident at Imperial Dock, Leith. People have been asked not to attend A&E at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI) unless it is an emergency. Pictures posted on social media showed the 3,000-tonne vessel, which is owned by the US Navy, leaning at a 45-degree angle. The US Consulate in Edinburgh said it was monitoring the situation and offering support to US citizens who were involved. "We thank the emergency services for their prompt response. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this incident," it added. The Scottish Ambulance Service said it was called at 08:30. Five ambulances, an air ambulance, three trauma teams, a special operations team, three paramedic response units and a patient...
  46. The historic summit this week between the Russian and Chinese leaders provoked paroxysms of angst in the Western media. President Vladimir Putin's hosting of China's Xi Jinping in Moscow was presented as the "world's two most prominent autocrats" purportedly establishing a hostile "anti-West axis". The American and European media - slavishly echoing the talking points of their imperialist regimes - were in hyper-bogeyman mode. The meeting of Putin and Xi was distorted in every way to appear as something illegitimately threatening and sinister to the Western "rules-based global order" (euphemism for Western capitalist privileges and predation.) Bogeyman mode also entails collective amnesia. The summit coincided with the 20th anniversary of the U.S. and British launching their war on Iraq - arguably the biggest crime of the 21st century so far. Yet this vile anniversary has hardly stirred any Western media condemnation or shame, never mind legal accountability. The wanton cynicism...
  47. The amazing investigative reporter Julie Kelly of American Greatness, who has done more to expose the corruption behind the January 6th convictions and treatment of January 6th prisoners than almost anyone, has just dropped a massive bombshell that should shake every American to their core. According to Kelly, the DOJ has embedded an FBI agent in the defense team of the non-violent Jan. 6th prisoner, former US Marine Zachary Rehl. Rehl has been imprisoned since January 6 real crime is that he's a member of the "Proud Boys." In her first of a series of four tweets, Kelly reported that a new motion has just been filed by the defense in the Proud Boys trial accusing the DOJ of using an FBI informant to spy on and infiltrate the defense team of Zachary Rehl.
  48. What made him sick? Nearly 200 years after Ludwig van Beethoven's death, researchers pulled DNA from strands of his hair, searching for clues about the health problems and hearing loss that plagued him. They weren't able to crack the case of the German composer's deafness or severe stomach ailments. But they did find a genetic risk for liver disease, plus a liver-damaging hepatitis B infection in the last months of his life. These factors, along with his chronic drinking, were probably enough to cause the liver failure that is widely believed to have killed him, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Current Biology.
  49. An 18-year-old British man has been swept to his death in an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. Search teams are currently looking for a second person who remains buried in the snow after the incident on Tuesday (22 March) in the resort area of Meiringen. Police in Meiringen in the Bernese Oberland area received a report shortly before 4.25pm on Tuesday that an avalanche had occurred which left two skiers buried under the snow. Officers say according to initial investigations, the two skiers were part of a larger ski tour group. They suggested that the avalanche was triggered when the two went down the Gstelliwang slope on the Wellhorn mountain, which has a height of more than 2,100m.
  50. A tornado ripped through parts of Montebello Wednesday morning, damaging multiple buildings.