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  1. The wire service conveniently omits that Trump's pick for attorney general pardoned six officials for their role in the Iran-Contra affair.
  2. Members lament that they've found themselves in a dangerous and potentially life-threatening game of "chicken."
  3. If they know where their representatives stand, constituents can hold them accountable if they choose to prolong unpopular conflicts.
  4. "The Sopranos Sessions" co-author Matt Zoller Seitz examines the series' remarkable prescience and America's greater war on culture.
  5. Palestine is applying to be a full member of the United Nations, a move that could finally slow Israel's politicide against it.
  6. "We will do everything to find an orderly solution, but we are also prepared if there is no orderly solution," the German chancellor says.
  7. We have a finite amount of time left to coexist with large parts of the biosphere, including thousands of species of plants and animals.
  8. The senator from New York, who joins a growing field of Democratic contenders, sets health care, schools and job training as priorities.
  9. William Barr's comments at his Senate hearing veer from the president's views, but skepticism remains over his memo on the Mueller inquiry.
  10. "The capitalist system that we’re all part of has a downturn on average every four to seven years... everybody knows it's coming."