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  1. The Democratic presidential hopeful suggests voters are worried less about gender than the candidates' message.
  2. The measure is included in the National Defense Authorization Act, which would also fund President Trump's proposed Space Force.
  3. Danish research refutes U.S. disaster tally, finding that the frequency of our worst hurricanes has risen "at the rate of 350% per century.”
  4. Only one Republican backed the legislation crafted to combat voter suppression that has proliferated since a 2013 Supreme Court ruling.
  5. Filipino American author Alex Tizon spent his life raising up the lives of those rendered invisible by society.
  6. Drawing on history and the Founding Fathers, the Judiciary Committee lays out legal arguments against President Trump's actions on Ukraine.
  7. Jackie Lacey, who oversees the largest prosecutorial office in the nation, has a pattern of neglecting black, brown and poor Angelenos.
  8. The student who killed 3 people in Pensacola had watched videos of mass shootings with three others earlier in the week, U.S. official says.
  9. The devastating fires of 2017-2018, which killed scores of people, were blamed on the utility's outdated equipment and negligence.
  10. Lack of government oversight has created public health crises including antibiotic-resistant diseases, foodborne illness and flu epidemics.